Why photography?

In this hectic world of nonstop action, goPro’s, and everyday busy-ness, there is something very special about a photograph. Just a brief moment in time out of all the craziness. A moment when you, a camera, and something special all coincide.

It’s about looking through the clutter and seeing what’s really there… It’s about letting other people see what you see through your eyes.


Why me…?

I’m that person who drives miles in the wrong direction just to see what is around the next bend… who can’t get enough beautiful sunsets… who regrets moments when I didn’t (or couldn’t) capture what my mind saw.

With a degree in Architecture and a lifetime spent “creating”, photography is just one of those things I always come back to. Good or bad, like them or not, my images are what I see and what I enjoy… and I hope there is something here that makes you smile and enjoy a little slice of Gods magnificent creation.

My first “real” camera came into my life in my late teens. I drove 5 hours on a dark, rainy afternoon to spend my carefully hoarded cash at a pawn shop… and came home broke… but with a sweet, used Nikon FG and a 50mm prime lens that still hangs out in the bottom of my camera bag.