A beautifully ugly breakfast companion

Mark Shutt-10202Ugly, creepy, bizarre, and yes… a little bit beautiful. Not my normal type of companion to welcome in a new day, but yesterday brought along some intriguing breakfast company. After waking up, I made my first customary stop of the day- The window… to survey my little slice of the world and get a feel for the coming hours. Imagine my surprise when, sitting on the branch normally reserved for cute little sparrows and songbirds, I came beak to beak with…This. My first thought was that the Nizzards were preparing an attack on the dyke and I should go get my stilts. Fortunately, coffee brought a little sanity and I realized he was just waiting for a few rays of sun. Hmm, maybe we do have something in common. Anyway, while we had breakfast, he showed off and struck a few poses for me. When he realized we weren’t going to offer him any breakfast he gave up and left.  Too bad for him.  The cat isn’t dead yet and I’m sure the kids are too tough and stringy for his taste anyway.


More poses for your enjoyment…

Mark Shutt-10201  Mark Shutt-10203  Mark Shutt-10205  Mark Shutt-10206  Mark Shutt-10196  Mark Shutt-10197  Mark Shutt-10198  Mark Shutt-10199  Mark Shutt-10200  Mark Shutt-10207

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