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Contrail Art

What’s not to love about contrails… those delightful trails that decorate the sky and enhance almost any sunset? Sometimes they are all lined up in perfect parallel order, sometimes looking like an impromptu game of tick-tac-toe or maybe even a game of pick-up sticks gone wild. And then there is… what? Did someone fall asleep? Decided to go to CHI instead of CVG? Oh well, I like the dogleg in this flight plan.  Hats off to you sky artists… keep up the good work.

Clear fork sunset

Contrail art

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Hot Glass and the foot draggers.

A few weeks ago we had one of those bizarre experiences that leave you wondering just what planet you live on. After leaving Westside Market in Cleveland (maybe more on that later…) I spotted a little shop on the corner that caught my eye.
Mark Shutt-0592Hot Glassblowing…! Who could resist?  Well, my kids did at first. Apparently no one wanted any more culture for the day.

It took a little persuading, but I finally coerced my reluctant little band of foot draggers into following me in.  And what we found was a little hard to describe.

Hot kilns, beautiful glass, strange art, nice people, and a free roaming chicken. Strange maybe, but amazing none the less.

Mark Shutt-0602

While I love art and the things and processes that make up art, I think my favorite part was the PLACE. A dump of a building, filled to the rafters with stuff, but with a giant skylight in the center.  The light was amazing.

Mark Shutt-0574For all their reluctance going in, foot dragging and complaining,  it turned out to be hard getting them out. If you ever get to Cleveland’s west-side, you need to check it out.  The proprietor is friendly, the atmosphere is great, and the pet chicken leaves you wondering just where in the world you are.Mark Shutt-0606

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