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A Sunday walk in the park

Covered Bridge

Covered bridge at Mohican State Park

A few weeks ago we had One-Of-Those-Days. By now I’m sure, you know the sort. An all night Saturday night snow, everything canceled, icy and dangerous roads, and the kids were going insane. The Solution? Simple. We piled into the truck, slide down the hill, and set off on an adventure.

Mark Shutt-0198So, the big question was… where to?  North to Lake Erie? No… to far.  South or West?  To blah.   This time East won. More hills. Less people. And a park.  Only 15 minutes from home (usually) and we too seldom head out to enjoy Mohican State Park.  Unless its buried in snow of course.Mark Shutt-0394

This time we had it (mostly) to ourselves. A few other adventurous souls (fishermen??), a few ducks, and the snow.

Mark Shutt-0416It was worth it..

Mark Shutt-0429


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The places we love.

I wonder, sometimes, what it is that makes us love the PLACES that we love.  Is it only what we see? Is it what we hear? Maybe sometimes it’s what we feel, what we smell or taste, or experience.   Sometimes, I think,  it’s simply the people we share it with.

Two of my favorites...

Two of my favorites…

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A little note to Winter.

Dear Winter,

Just a little note letting you know its been interesting getting to know you a little better and to experience so many of your unique character traits.

Ice bubble sunset

Ice bubble sunset

They say true relationships often involve pain and ours certainly has… many times. They also say that absence makes the heart grow fonder- perhaps we should try this out and see if it is really true.

Its been nice knowing you. We’ve had our fill of fun together along with some occasional excitement, and you have certainly shared some unique beauty with us- beauty that only you can display.



That said, I’m willing to swallow my pride and let the global warming people have their day if you would be willing to agree to an amicable separation. You can have the snow shovels, thermals, gloves, hats, boots, and even the little salt I have left.  All I want to keep are my shorts and a tee. That’s not much to ask is it?

Goodbye winter.


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